Janne Rotko

Digital Services &
Financial Management

Freelance Consultant | Helsinki, Finland Janne Rotko | janne(at)rotko.fi | +358 50 309 6228 Digital Services Financial Management

I help growth companies digitalize their businesses and manage their finances.

Digital Services

Typically a technical consultant working with CEOs or marketing managers.

Web Apps

Django is my favorite framework for web apps - it's the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.


I can create modern and beautiful websites. WordPress is the best choice 95% of the time.


Do you need your digital services to talk with each other? That's where integrations come into the picture.


You can only manage what you can measure. The classic old saying still holds quite much truth in it.

Marketing Automation

A classic situation is where you have the marketer but are missing the technical skills. Let me help you.

Data Visualization

More often than not people have the data but don't understand it. Data visualization is one cure for that.

Related Skills




Express (Node)



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Strategic Financial Management

Typically a financial right hand working with growth firm CEOs.

Data-Driven Management

Financial management should be a value-creating function that transforms data into actionable insights.

Objectives & Key Results

Setting clear goals and metrics is one of the things that almost everybody do, but very few do it well.

Progress Tracking

As easy as it sounds, tracking the progress of your business may easily become fuzzy or simply get forgotten.

Strategic Sparring

Strategy is about choices. I will not make those choices for you, but I can help you make better ones.

Financial Models

A great financial model is the key tool for understanding and planning your business. Let me help you with that.

Cashflow Planning

It's essential to estimate your cash flow. It's also essential to be able to utilize the levers of the cash flow.

Business Intelligence

Sometimes the answers to your problems hide in your data, you just don't know it yet.


Your company's value is realized through the contracts you make. That's why it's important to get them right.

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Finance & Digital Services.. Why Both?

Digital services and financial management cross each other more than you think. Finance gets digitized and automated more and more every day. This trend increases the value of digital skills and strategic thinking, while the value of traditional manual tasks is decreasing. On the other hand, digital services become increasingly important to companies' business logic and thus directly influence whether financial goals are achieved or not. Both areas, finance and development, benefit from interdisciplinary analytical thinking and goal-driven attitude that is not stuck in traditional silos.

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My biggest competitive advantage is learning quickly almost anything that I'm sincerely interested in. This has lead to an (almost too) wide skill set that can be counted as a strength or weakness.

I'm an INTJ-A / CD personality and thus best at roles that combine analytical thinking and goal-driven attitude. I prefer strong autonomy over control, deep work over shallow and distracted work, and projects that aim for improvement instead of work that just maintains the current level of performance.

My core values include autonomy, genuinity, lifelong learning and appreciaton of deep and focused work.


Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, Aalto University

Information & Service Management, Accounting, Graduated in 2017.

Master of Laws, University of Helsinki

Contract & Business Law, Graduated in 2018.

Massive Amounts of Self Education

I know, this is not a degree. But honestly I value my self-education higher than my official degrees.